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Ecobreeze Pte Ltd

is one of the best air conditioning maintenance and servicing Firm in Singapore. At very affordable prices, we offer efficient aircon repair and maintenance service for both industries and individuals.

We delightfully pay close attention to the needs of our clients, providing them with the most relevant and up-to-date tips that would promote cost-effective electricity bill. With our support all your air conditioners will function at its highest capacity, serving you for so many years.  There’s no need to worry, because our services come with full warranty.

You can call our caring, experienced and professional technicians immediately for all your queries

All advertised campaign price can be altered without previous notification

 There will be extra charges demanded as per your location

Aircon Service Packages

No GST & Transportation Charges

Price For Eco-Gen

1 x Fancoil = $40

2 x Fancoils = $60

3 x Fancoils = $70

4 x Fancoils = $80

5 x Fancoils = $90

Price above is for standard type of room size fancoil unit, Price varies base on higher BTU / larger Fancoil size

Price For Eco-Wash

1 x Fancoil = $60

2 x Fancoils = $110

3 x Fancoils = $170

4 x Fancoils = $220

5 x Fancoils = $280

Price above is for standard type of room size fancoil unit, Price varies base on higher BTU / larger Fancoil size

Price For Eco-Overhual

1 x Fancoil = $120 – $180

Price varies base on higher BTU / larger Fancoil size

Price for Refrigerant Gas Top Up

$40 – $80 (R22)

$80 – $120 (R410A)

Price varies depending the number of outdoor condenser 

Testing and Troubleshooting Rates

Call in only for testing and troubleshooting work on wall mounted fancoil or outdoor condenser unit

Price = $40 – $50

Price range is base on the scope and complexity on the testing and troubleshooting work

Our technicians will give customer a verbal report on the cause of the problem and the necessary work needed to be done

Price may be wavied if customer opt for servicing package depend on the condition and scope of work

Ecobreeze has in depth experience and profound expert knowledge in air conditioning service throughout Singapore, making us the best firm that is ready to serve you always. Because Singapore is very hot, you cannot do without a good air conditioner. Ecobreeze has the qualification and experience to provide cheap Air conditioning support such as: leakages repair, split aircon installation, cleaning, etc. We offer the best support service that will satisfy all your maintenance and repair needs.

Have you experienced these problems?

Indoor unit with leaking water

Trunking with leaking water

Outdoor unit leaking water

Partition ceiling leaking water

Non cooling air conditioner

Switch failure

Spoilt Capacitor and Compressor

Sensor malfunction

Bad smell from air conditioner

These are some of the faults that your home air conditioner might have. Just call on us and we will rapid respond to meet your needs.

Considering the best affordable aircon servicing? Look no further than Eobreeze.

Give our company a call today, and our friendly and professional aircon technicians will be ready to serve you at a very reasonable cost. Give us a non-obligatory phone-call at our hotline.

Aircon Services

Your air conditioner is an essential part of your home, especially in a hot country like Singapore. At Ecobreeze, we understand the frustration of a mal-functioning Air Conditioner and your needs for a properly working Air conditioner is our priority.

Is your air conditioner not cooling properly? There are several reasons to this malfunction. Commonly, this is due to dirty filters, dirty conditions within the air conditioning system or it could be a blockage of the Air ducts.

Aircon Condenser – this unit of the air conditioning system is the important portion which purpose is transferring of heat. This unit also cannot function properly if given situation where it is clogged with various elements (i.e. dust, grass. etc). Keeping the Condenser clean is vital in keeping a healthy air conditioning system. This is why regular maintenance of your air conditioning is essential.

It is best to not perform the Aircon servicing yourself as this may subject your air conditioning system to risk of further damages. On top of that, you can potentially expose yourself to hazardous conditions where you may be prone to getting injured. It is always better to leave this to a trained and experienced professional.

Hiring an Aircon Professional

We will come for Aircon servicing at your premise whatever the situation is, whether it is for regular servicing or for emergencies. Emergencies could be avoided by doing regular servicing of your aircon.

We service a wide array of aircon brands, such as Sanyo, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Daikin and much more. Call us today for consultation / advise. We are a licensed company providing professional and experienced technicians to your doorsteps.

Noise – if you realise your aircon have been making noise that are not normal in standard operations, it is best for you to call for professional assistance. This condition could be due to loose components or a defective motor.

Not cool – This is due to blockages or dirty parts. It could also be due to faulty mechanisms. Our technicians will do a comprehensive troubleshoot on your system to find and repair the root cause. It could also be due to blockages in various parts of the air conditioning system.

Leakages – This could be due to metal fatigue of aircon piping or much clogging in the pipes, causing and accumulation of water that will subsequently become excessive and spill over.